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LA choppers air intake

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Got my new air intake today finally! I havent gotten to take it out for a spin yet because i have my son tonight but i fired her up and can really hear it sucking air in just at an idle haha sounds so cool. Here are some pictures


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Yea i got a new job this year at the same place i have been working at for the last 7 years and it comes with overtime haha. Think i may be posting more pics throughout the summer of new goodies. So far I have done

Kuryakyn ISO grips
Kuryakyn hand bone mirrors
Kuryakyn Zombie Footpegs
Kuryakyn Zombie Shift and Break Pegs
Speedo plate from Biker Mojo
Scoot Mods forward controls extensions
Big Rig Chrome gas cap accent
Cobra Speedster Slashdown exhaust
Cobra Fi2000r Fuel Processor
Low and Mean LED tail light
LA Choppers cold air intake
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Yes it is fun to add to it. I almost enjoy modding my bike as much as riding it lol
They sound amazing. And by the way my bike was only parked for 3 months! last ride was late november and i got it out in march this season haha. Was freezing ass cold when i got it back out but getting cold was easier to cope with than not riding.
yea thats about what i paid for mine. I looked on ebay too and they were about the same. I did order on ebay though because they had the part to ship as soon as they recieved payment. Cruiser customizing looked like it wouldnt ship for a week unless you bought the chrome one.
The pipes are loud but they are supposed to be haha. They still have baffles in them but i dont think they hurt my ears. When i wore a full face helmet they made a wierd echo inside that drove me nuts when i had my head at a certain angle. But i wear a half helmet now and that doesnt happen.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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