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Is 5000$ OTD a good price for that bike?

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LA new member

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Hi everyone! I'm a soon-to-be Stryker from LA and just wanted to say hi and also drop a couple of questions :)

I'm a new rider (I've ridden scooters back in Europe... yeah give me all the **** you want, I'll take it) but I'm new to the gear shifting, low-riding lifestyle. This week I am about to purchase a 2011 Stryker with 7700 miles for 5000$ and here comes my first question: I intend to use the bike as my main transportation (my girlfriend has a car so I'm safe on that alternative ride lol I know having only a bike is a pain in the ass to say the least), but let's go to the point haha. Is the Stryker a good bike as a daily commuter both for urban and highways/freeways? The main reason for buying it is because I don't want to sit in LA traffic all day, everyday... so I expect riding to be a time saver and I also want a bike with some more power and tank capacity for weekend trips or longer commutes, is the Stryker good for that mix?

Also, how often do you guys have mechanic issues? I plan on giving it a decent maintenance so I hope I'm not transport-less taking it to the mechanic every 2 weeks. Is it a troublesome one? I know it depends on each bike so that's why I'm taking a mechanic to check it before buying it.

Which brings me to my 3rd question, any experienced Strykers in the norcal area who'd be willing to come over and check the bike before I buy it? It's a dealership bike so I assume it shouldn't have many issues, but you never know nowadays (especially being a noob like myself...). Needless to say beers and burgers are on me (or hummus if you're vegetarian ;P).

Lastly, what's the price you'd pay for the bike? It has a backrest and modified exhaust and in general seems to be in decent condition. I'm already broke and I don't plan on being broker lol so I'm gonna try to fair haggle the price down. Also, should I throw in a couple more thousand bucks and buy a newer Stryker or another bike that fits my needs? I don't want to be a cheap ass on the price and end up buying an older bike and wasting thousands more on mechanics and parts when I can put that into a newer bike.

Any advice and help would be highly appreciated guys! I hope the messages I write on the forum next week will be sent seating on my new Stryker if it all goes well :) Thanks!

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Thanks for the replies guys! They are definitely helpful, although I lost my chance with that one I found a new one I’m getting this weekend so it all looks good.
I’ll have to add a couple of things to it but I’ll do it with time, I don’t want to go broke straight away 😆
I will update you with photos when I get the bike, enjoy your Strykers in the meantime and be safe!
Hey AntoTeddy, I'm on the border of Glendale/Eagle Rock; what section are you in?
Hey! I'm moving to Santa Monica next week, I'll give you a heads up once I'm set up and we can go for a ride.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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