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let bike cool down before washing???

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Can you mess anything up by washing a bike that's up to temp? If I’ve been out riding I usually try to let the engine cool off for about 30 minutes before I wash it...sometimes I'll throw a shop fan on it to speed things up. Last time I washed mine there was steam coming off the cases and exhaust pretty good when I started spraying it down. I don't wanna crack the case or anything like that.
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I have to agree with the rain thing. Although it probobly isn't a good idea to slam a hose on it right after parking from a hot day ride. I have ridden hard and fast to get away from on coming down pores only to get caught and have steam come off the pipes etc. Even ended up in snow falling . But I'm pretty sure a running motor in those conditions is cooler than if you just turn it off after a hot day ride.
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