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let bike cool down before washing???

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Can you mess anything up by washing a bike that's up to temp? If I’ve been out riding I usually try to let the engine cool off for about 30 minutes before I wash it...sometimes I'll throw a shop fan on it to speed things up. Last time I washed mine there was steam coming off the cases and exhaust pretty good when I started spraying it down. I don't wanna crack the case or anything like that.
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Rbeane60 said:
Shouldn't be any different than if it starts raining on you in the middle of the ride.
It is very different. Heat transfer in fluids is dependent on a number of things, but a big one being the flow rate across the surface. Your hose cranks out probably something like 3-4 gallons per minute. The falling rain in an average shower and subsequent spray off the road is probably more like a couple of cups an hour.

Never spray a hot motor or exhaust with cold water. I always like to have my engined warm just to the point where it isn't too hot to touch.
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