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license's without tire removal

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Didn't want to take the axle off to install the license plate or even cut a notch in the holder. So I took a 1/2" tap and threaded it into the axle nut about 1" into it. Bought 1/2" lock washer, and regular washer. 1/2" bolt length 1", and thread lock. And there it is. The pics were to large that I took with my phone to add to this post so I just added it on the main gallery called ( threaded plate holder)
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Looks great but personally I think you will have problems keeping it from coming lose or worse. You are inviting a number of problems. Wish you luck. Please keep us posted on how it holds up after some miles on bumpy roads etc.
mikoloe said:
Zona~ I am not an engineer, but I believe there is a way you can do this and not worry as long as you are in the right specs. They do sale this type of axle nut..Check it out!

This appears to replace the nut and has a locking system and does not compromise the integrity of the axle or nut???
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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