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license's without tire removal

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Didn't want to take the axle off to install the license plate or even cut a notch in the holder. So I took a 1/2" tap and threaded it into the axle nut about 1" into it. Bought 1/2" lock washer, and regular washer. 1/2" bolt length 1", and thread lock. And there it is. The pics were to large that I took with my phone to add to this post so I just added it on the main gallery called ( threaded plate holder)
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Thanks Zona, My kit should be here next week....I was kinda dreading do it the other way! I am definitley gonna do it your way! and be done with it.

Good points guys! I guess i will take the axle out and slide my relo plate in. I want to take that ugly plate off the rear disc anyways!
Zona~ I am not an engineer, but I believe there is a way you can do this and not worry as long as you are in the right specs. They do sale this type of axle nut..Check it out!

1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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