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license's without tire removal

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Didn't want to take the axle off to install the license plate or even cut a notch in the holder. So I took a 1/2" tap and threaded it into the axle nut about 1" into it. Bought 1/2" lock washer, and regular washer. 1/2" bolt length 1", and thread lock. And there it is. The pics were to large that I took with my phone to add to this post so I just added it on the main gallery called ( threaded plate holder)
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Bought the plate holder from road6custom. (Recommended from the fellas here). Size 1/2" hole. The bolt, I got from Lowes for .89 cents, stainless steel..also everythings good. Take the mod. I've learned a lot from everyone else here myself. Without u guys my bike won't look the way is going to look without your mods!...
Made a run for about 15 miles total 30 back and fourth through the city of Norfolk, and Portsmouth and back to Virginia beach with a few HD riders of mine. Very bad streets and highway, like riding on a jumping bean. The plate stood its ground so far. Haven't moved a little. But I'll keep updating on it and let you fellas know.
Concerning the tapping into the nut. I also thought about that endangering the walls of cracking. So I took the lowest size of a tap that just grabs on to the inner size hole just enough to shred metal and test it. And so far so good. When I get home from work today I'll take a really close shot of the nut and truthfully you can't tell if there was any thickness taken away from it from being dangerous..
Here you go werlee. This was the best pick I can take of the inside threads. As you can see there's still plenty of walls. Still crossing my fingers thoe. Again the files to large I put it in the gallery. Waiting for the approve of the pic.
That's true Toby. Should of searched more. But it was a last min thing sitting around wondering what you want to do with your stryker day.
Been riding everyday. As secured as it is. The license not heavy enough to move anywhere. And the roads here in norfolk are bad. My conclusion its fine as it is. Also the pic of the threads in the axle nut is on the gallery.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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