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Looking for a certain thread

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Could someone help me out please? I am trying to find the thread that talks about making the stock seat into a solo one. I remember reading about and looking at the picutres, but can't seem to find it.

Any ideas?
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Hey Urban, The other one is my Sons. Not sure we did a thread for it though.


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Ill have to check and will get back to ya Urban!
Thank you sir!
Hey Urban, I don't have any saved photos of how he did it. He only has the pics now of it on his bike. We will take a pic of the bottom side of seat tomorrow and PM you with it.
There are so many pictures lost when this forum switched over. And post search only goes back 500 posts for members. You can go back to the beginning of this forum with thread search. but really time consuming trying to find the right pictures there.
Got a picture today for ya Urbanrage. Son said he followed a ridge line which can't be seen now with the cover on. Then just did some folding and cutting of the seat cover and Staple gunned back to plastic base.


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Mine is just like 11stryker, we cut it just enought to keep the secure latch and the rubber pads to keep from rubbing the paint off. I want to cut it back some more but I have to find another way to lock the seat down. :nod:
Hey Miko- you could Velcro it like the rear of the L&M seat. if you cut it further. Maybe!
Thanks 11Stryker I am going to have to look into that.

Need your help, months ago I think I found the link on this site. I have spent about a week searching the web and this site for that link. No Luck

I am looking for this chrome vertical curved side mount that also acts as at belt guard. I thought $200 was too much for it at the time, but after looking at my $35 Canadian one I'm sure I can easily part with the $200 for it. I am really wanting to buy this please send me the link if you find it.

Hey miko- 4th page in this thread has Straightjackets design you were looking for.
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