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Looking for Your Guys' Opinions

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What do you guys think of bullet brake/turn lights (like this or similar) and using a run turn brake module and eliminating the center brake light all together?


I'd have to drill holes in the sides of my fender towards the back but if you guys think it might look decent I might give it a shot.
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They look cool in that position but from a safety or effectiveness standpoint it seems it would have limited visibility from anywhere other than dead center directly behind you. Sorry to be "that guy".
My perception or comment is more along the lines that since they are so far forward that a driver who is not in a position of directly behind you where they can see all the both the leds is only getting half of none of your signal intentions. Where as the lights being placed farther back, a driver in the next lane and just to your rear can see both signals since the other light is not be blocked by the fender. The farther forward more direct center the driver must be to get the full picture of what your lights are telling him. Just my opinion. I like the lights over the lolly pops for sure.
My bad, I was going off the top picture in the post and not the picture one you just pointed out that has the arrow. Doh!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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