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Looking to do the headlight replacement mod.. Is this everything?

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Ok.. So I will be having a bunch of mods done soon and figured why not go all out and get the last finishing touch on the bike which is the headlight.. Really there isnt anything else I want for the bike after all these mods so why not do it all.. Anyway.. Is this everything I need?

1 - Headlight:
Option A: http://www.refinedcycle.com/HDLT5-1-...ia-HDLT5-1.htm
Option B: http://www.demonscycle.com/headlight...otorcycle.html PLUS http://www.demonscycle.com/headlight...otorcycle.html

2 - Mounting Bracket:

3 - Mounting Block: (Not sure if this is needed or not)

****Also I have HID lighting.. Is there a major light output loss?

Also I accidentally posted this in the general section.. If a mod could please delete that post it would be appreciated.. Thanks
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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