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Loud pipes at work

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I was in the grocery store parking lot waiting for a light to access the public road. While waiting I stop so as not to block the isle. Sure enough a soccer mom in her big SUV talking on her cell phone tried to turn into the lane. I saw her and anticipated this it what she would do so I pulled in the clutch and let the V&H howl. She heard me and put on the brakes to wait. I love these pipes.
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Toby said:
Loud pipes do help. So far all I got is 9-1/2 holes in each baffle. But when my wife honked her horn on her V Star at a cow in the road the cow just looked up like WTF is that. Then I revved mine a couple times and that got it's attention and it moved out of the way.
How do you fit 9 1/2" holes in each pipe? Can't be much tin left. :) Can you take a picture of your exhaust. I did 4 on the Raider before just cutting the pipes short and removing the baffles.
Toby said:
Ya I put the 9th hole right in the center of the baffle with a 15" long 1/2 inch drill bit. I will go out and get you a pic in a bit.
So you did ... nice work.I guess I'll start with four and see how that sounds
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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