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Low and Mean Air Intake Adapter

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Does anyone have a better decription on how to install the Ait Intake Adapter. In particular, which was does the part that attaches to the motor go. It comes packaged fitting together but the instructions show it attaching looking like the side with the figure 8 groove pointing out. In the pictures on the website, one shows it facing out the other shows it facing in. The hose looks like it would attach easily if the side with the grooves faces the motor. If that sides faces out how does the hose attach?
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Ok, that is what I thought, it is how it came when it shipped and it makes much more sense for the O rings to contact the bike. But when you look at the picture in the directions and on the second picture on the low and mean website it looks like it faces out. I am going to try and intall it this week. Thanks for the help
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