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Low and Mean Custom Blaacked out Stryker for sale

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Got a very nice Star Stryker for sale. Check out our new LM Custom section, some of these custom motorcycles are for sale, some we could build for you. Here's the link http://lowandmean.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=141&Itemid=60 We will have more bikes very soon, so please check it out and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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StrykenShane said:
yeah, i'm not feeling that price, seems a little steep, but i do love the look, who knows, maybe i'll get a wild hair and buy em, never know with me, might hate something one day and buy it the next
Those prices were with balancing beads, bolts, rotors and install. We do have a set in stock with tires installed, if anyone is interested. $2500 plus the cost of shipping.
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saclean said:
i want that bike and to think, black is not my favorite color.
Hey we would have no problems painting it custom for you or anyone else for an additional $2000. We have a video coming showing the details of this custom Star Stryker from Low and Mean.
Thanks for your interest.
Here's our latest video on this custom Star Stryker motorcycle from Low and Mean.
Hey Chris what did y'all do to the engine to get the rest of the ribs silver ?
We just painted the fins silver, just like it is done at the factory.
The_Joker said:
Low said:
Here's our latest video on this custom Star Stryker motorcycle from Low and Mean.

Too bad I don't' have the $$$ for more L&M upgrades............unless of course we get some some forum group discounts...........

You didn't talk about the headlight......Is something like that going to be up for sale.......
would the swing arm extensions work as brake, blinker and running lights???

Or....I'll trade my Raven Stryker for the one depicted (with a minimal amount of cash included) so you can start somewhat fresh ;) for more sweet mods for us (I'm a team player ;D )

Oh...and I'll ride mine out to AZ for the trade/swap, cash exchange......... :D
The headlight was just painted to match the rest of the bike. Fairly simple sand, primer and paint job.
The swingarm extension covers can be used as running, turn or brake, but they are not bright enough to run wires back to. You can however add more LED's to the inside and really light up the wheel.
We take trades, but why when we could just trick out your ride when you come down.
Thanks for the comments and interest.
This motorcycle is still available. Contact us at 1-855-880-6660 or [email protected]
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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