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Low and mean front fender

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I was looking at paint options. Has anyone got the $100 gloss black paint on a fender from low and mean. I cannot afford the price to match my raven. Just need to decide to get the gloss black or just get it without paint and go another route. Any input would be great.
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This is going to sound gay but, if you're going to paint it black I think it would better if it matched the existing glitter. Plus there are like 100 shades of black with different tones. In the sun light the difference will stick out. I painted my headlight bucket gloss black with three coats of clear. In the sunlight the headlight bucket actually has a warmer tone than the Raven paint. Just stuff to chew on.
I agree and wouldn't order it any other way, and also to mention, like most of us this is my baby, so i waited a bit longer and put the extra money into getting the paint jobs done right on my aftermarket pieces. Looks amazing, im glad i waited. Heck u may even find a auto painter local to do the job a bit cheaper.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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