Owned my stryker since November.
At the end of December I put on a low and mean radiator cover . It looks awesome on the bike but now I'm thinking about putting a set of hwy pegs and an engine guard. They would clash and so I decided to sell it to someone who would get some use out of it. It's painted with hammered black krylon. Put about six coats on and allowed it to dry for a month. Then I added pin stripes ( silver )
Finally it was waxed with a ceramic wax.
Also added the screen and adhered it with gorilla glue and silicone.
The final detail then is a stainless steel S - superman logo/ decal . Anyone interested message me for more pics or details. Paid 450 for it and another 100 for all the paint and supplies . Selling for 260 - pick up or shipping.
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle