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Low and Mean Spike Intake

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I hope this falls in the right area. I have been searching the forum and google to see if I can find a picture with no success. I am looking at purchasing the low and mean chrome spike intake. I have a reddish copper stryker and am concerned the black intake would clash too much with the chrome on the bike. Or that the chrome intake with a black adapter would look weird. Are there any pictures of this? The gallery had a reddish copper with an all black intake but not the spike, I liked the look so I may go the all black route.. thoughts?
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I've got the reddish copper and I think chrome is the way to go on that bike. If I had a black Stryker, I could see it going either way.

I put chrome rims on my bike (had the black ones originally) and it really cleaned up the look. I am going to have the triple trees, lower fork tubes, and all of the cables in chrome by Spring.
Straightjacket said:
I had the black intake with a chrome spike. The adaptor just kinda blends in when its black. As far as the spike goes, you can get them cheaper from Demon Cycles.
Straightjacket - That is the perfect picture to demonstrate how it blends in. In my mind, I didn't picture it looking that good. Thanks. Would this Demon Cycles intake work with their adaptor and still clear everything? If so, I know what I am getting.

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