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Low and Mean Stryker for Sales

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Mod's please post this in the Classified for me, but for now I'm sorry, we are blocked from that section for some reason. Low and Mean has a custom 2011 Star Stryker that only has 300 miles for sale. There are a lot of our custom parts installed, like; front and rear fenders, lowered spring, 250 rear tire, Vance & Hines Blacked out Big radius exhaust, the V&H Fuel Pak, Custom Speedo face, Custom Low seat covered in black leather and brown lacing, Radiator chin scoop with Cage screen and the Performance air intake with cage screen and dagger tip. Which add's up to over $3000 in Low and Mean products. The bike has a very subtle brown pin stripe on the fender, tank, air intake, and front fender. This motorcycle rides and looks awesome, the performance is very good for a 1300, which makes the Star Stryker a great bike overall. The Low and Mean Star Stryker is a exactly that, and the acceleration will hang with the bigger cc bikes no problem. If your interested, the bike is for sale at $12,500. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or interest. [email protected] or 928-255-0230

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dreadly said:
MY said:
Toby said:
All I can say is awesome. Even though it looks awesome, the solo seat, I would like to see you come up with a passenger seat system the looks just as good as that. Because I can't see spending 10 to 15k on a bike that you can't take some one with you to enjoy the ride. I think part of enjoying the awesomeness of a bike is how it feels riding it. And if you wont some on to get the full enjoyment of your bike then you have to be able to take them for a ride. Just my opinion.
Sorry Toby, but the whole reason for a solo seat is so you don't have to have someone else on your bike. ;D That's a BEAUTIFUL thing. Me and my bike. ALONE ;)
I agree ... I bought the missus a Stryker so I wouldn't have to go two up ;D Gotta be careful with the throttle - not for me. I like to get on it whenever the mood strikes.

Good looking bike ... might want to put this ad in the classified section
I'm with you guys. I like the solo because I don't haul freight. Toby might be on to something though, as I'm sure hes not the only one that would be interested in a sporty two up seat. All the other manufacturers custom seats are so bulky and odd looking.

Sharp looking bike though.
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