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There is a whole lot of information on this subject so many different variables,products,mechanics? If your like me and have been hesitant and plan on doing some of the mods from one person and combining them with others and your own. The most important thing is to be safe and secure with clearance issues, it's hard to believe someone 100% and you shouldn't because of the variables. It's a little more work but to be sure you can pull the spring on the shock and move the tire easily through it's entire range to make sure there's no contact with any mod. I'd like to see what the clearance under the frame rails is also when dropped and fully compressed??? With the right size link you have the entire range and ride of factory travel, with a lowering spring your taking away suspension.
I plan on doing this to be sure, ya never know the old lady could put on a couple of extra pounds? :eek:

What are the measurements of the lowering link holes center-center it would be nice to be able to make a custom set to maximize the drop for any mod?
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