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Lowering Kits - Order Now!

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Hello everyone,

Many of you will know me from the Raider Forum, but I am Brent with Tejas Motorsports.com. We have a limited number of Stryker lowering kits arriving late this week, so pre-order now. These kits will allow for stock height, 1" drop, or 2" drop. These kits will be $79.99 shipped to your door. To pre-order, call and ask for Steve or Timmy in our Parts Department at 281-426-8591.

Thank you,
Brent Hodge
[email protected]
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Brent, What do you change to lower the Stryker? Is it the whole shock? The dog bones?

Look forward to seeing your Custom Stryker!

Be aware, the dog bone work good with the stock tire. But when someone changes to the 240 on the stock wheel the tire will hit the frame when the stock compresses. We know this because we made some as well, check the shock length and measured tire circumference on stock, 240 tire/stock wheel and 240/8.5 wheel. Stock tire circumference is much smaller!
We produced a replacement spring that not only lowers the bike but offers a very nice ride. Sorry I don't want to see you get into trouble with the dog bones, they are easy to change, but not the way to go if you put the 240 on, which most people will since it fits and looks good!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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