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Lowering Kits - Order Now!

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Hello everyone,

Many of you will know me from the Raider Forum, but I am Brent with Tejas Motorsports.com. We have a limited number of Stryker lowering kits arriving late this week, so pre-order now. These kits will allow for stock height, 1" drop, or 2" drop. These kits will be $79.99 shipped to your door. To pre-order, call and ask for Steve or Timmy in our Parts Department at 281-426-8591.

Thank you,
Brent Hodge
[email protected]
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Good question. I would like to see this thread continue with more comments and opinions especially from those of you that have done or will do this mod. Because I also will lower my Stryker and put an Avon or Metzler 240 on as soon as I wear it out. And if the weather keeps co-operating that will be soon, as I have had it 5 weeks and got over 2,500 mile on it.
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