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Major Headache...

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My dealer and the MA Registry of Motorvehicles is killing me...

I "purchased" my stryker on Aug 17th. I couldn't get plates for it due to MA's requirement for proof of insurance. Your insurance company has to stamp a signed copy stating that your vehicle is in fact insured. Since I don't have a local branch for insurance we had to mail the forms to USAA/progressive. No big deal, takes a couple days and boom we're done. or so the story goes.

So I get a phone call from the dealer, the overnight shipment of my insurance form was delayed in transit so it'll be a few more days. Minor annoyance, but no biggie. A few days pass and I get another phone call earlier this evening...

Dealer: "So our runner when to get your plates and the RMV refused to issue your registration. They cannot confirm that you have paid sales tax on your trade-in and cannot issue plates since you did not pay sales tax on the full amount for the Stryker."

Me: "Ummm... ok. So I'm from Virginia where none of this insanity takes place. Can you elaborate more on what needs to be done?"

Dealer: "Well if you could e-mail or fax me a copy of your current virginia registration we should be good to go. Otherwise you'll owe a little over $300 in tax to satisfy the RMV."

Me: "You mean you'll owe a little over $300 in taxes."

Dealer: "Uh, I don't follow. You would have to pay the tax."

Me: "Actually, I signed the purchase for XXXX with tax included. It's not my mistake that you did not research the tax code regarding trades of vehicles purchased and registered out of state."

Dealer: "Well this won't be a problem, because we are going back to the RMV tomorrow with your registration which should satisfy the RMV. If not we will just have to talk from there."

Me : "I can send you a copy of my registration and a copy of the bill of sale from Britt Motorsports in Morehead City NC where I purchased and paid taxes on the vehicle. I took off work this Wed with the sole purpose of coming to your shop to pick up my bike and conclude our business. The bike will be plated and ready to go Wed morning."

Dealer: "We're doing our best to get you on your Stryker in a timely manner."

Me: "Where I'm from a timely manner is same day, next day at most. See you Wed. Please call me if you run into troubles tomorrow with the RMV. have a good evening."

Dealer: "You as well."

:frusty: :frusty: :frusty: :frusty:

Please excuse what I'm about to say, any of you who are from MA or are attached to this state... but MA absolutely blows my mind as to how insanely difficult they make EVERYTHING. I HATE this state. The majority of my firearms I own... illegal in MA. Want to buy a car or bike? That's 6.25% tax and it'll be 3 or more days till you can drive away with it. Want to get a carry permit in MA? Sure, if you have the $$$... and despite the fact that your military training is far superior to any firearms "class" provided, you still have to take the classes. Oh but wait, if you aren't a resident of MA. Well then, depending on which town you live in / talk to the rules are different... so good luck figuring it out.

/end rant
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I feel for you. The bureaucracy in this state is ridiculous. I fighting for a title on a trailer I own. RMV says they shipped the title to the bank that had the loan. Bank says the RMV has the title and it should have been sent to me. In the meantime I can't sell the trailer cuz I don't have the title. Politicians bah! Always want your money and say they're "helping" you out. Hey let's raise gas taxes in a poor economy, got to make money somehow.
sorry for the rant!
They just raised the tax on gas and cigarettes a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't matter to much if your out Boston way, but if your on the western end of the state were it's a 1hr+ drive to work it really hits the little guy. Course they don't care, they don't have to pay for transportation.....or insurance... or.....
Glad you got it sorted out. I've lived in MA. most of my life and have bought sold and traded many bikes and have never been asked for sales tax on a trade in. Strange. Enjoy your new ride!
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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