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Make your own exhaust

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Customizing my Stryker will be a drawn out event, but I am making plans andhoping to get things rolling. One of the big things I want is a change in exhaust. I have found kits for making your own, and I love the idea. Nothing says custom, like making it yourself. I want to know if anybody has any input. I will have to find a welder (should be easy), but besides that, is this a dificult thing to do. I have the design in mind. Am I biting off more than I can chew?:confused:
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Just search "mandrel bend kit" on eBay. That's where I found mine anyway...
The pipes are bent using a mandrel, a CNC mandrel, which is good because it means they *shouldn't* have any creases, kinks, or portions of the tube collapsed.

Mandrel bent pipes/tubes is what you're looking for, I guess it's common for them to be sold in kits or assorted pieces. Also FYI Pipe sizing is different from Tube sizing. 2.25" should be tube size, but for example 2" tube = 2" outside diameter, but 2" pipe = 2.375" outside diameter.

I'll be watching that thread to see how you make out when all is said and done. Will need some sound demos when you're done!
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