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Memphis Batwing or Bullet Fairing?

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Batwing or Bullet? I am trying to decide which one to go with! Give me your opinion.
I want to order in the hard ware now and then order in the fairing over the winter.

Pics of both would be nice, as I have to convince the boss of which is the best look and functionality.

I like the bullet and she likes the Batwing
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for me the batwing has been one of my favorite mods to date, not only does it look cool but it provides one **** of a service to me, I ride interstates a lot and the mini boulevard just wasn't getting it done for me. back in May I rode my bike to Vegas from Atlanta and we did over 500 miles a day 5 days straight and I felt no fatigue whatsoever from the wind. I also Like that i could add a larger shield to it from LRS and i could mount the mini pouch on it. Also, the clarity of my speakers is almost double now. i can ride 75-80 mph and hear my music very clearly.

this is mine http://www.yamahastarstryker.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=1989
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