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Memphis Shades Batwing 4 Sale or Trade

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SOLD - Memphis Shades Batwing 4 Sale


I recently purchased a Tsukayu fairing so I have a Memphis Shades Batwing 4 Sale or Trade.

It comes with the following:

Memphis Shades Batwing
Chrome Quick Disconnect Trigger Lock Mounts
Memphis Shades Lower Batwing Deflectors
Chrome Windshield accent
6 inch Dark Recurve Long Rides Shield

$350 + Shipping cost to your destination

Box Dimensions = 38" x 18" x 18"
Weight = 16 lbs

Shipping from *****

Below is a picture of the batwing before I added the lower deflectors & chrome windshield accent. The lower deflectors and chrome windshield accent will come with this batwing.


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What are the part numbers for the Tsukayu fairing, did it have sound system ?
They don't have part numbers listed on their site for the Stryker, you have to send them an email, but it is the small batwing fairing and you can order it with or without the stereo, it comes with the mounting hardware.
added a picture to the first post. The picture was taken before I added the lower deflectors. You will receive lower deflectors with this batwing.
Teadancer, sent you a pm
Added box dimensions and weight to the original post so that shipping can be calculated.

I also added the memphis shades chrome windshield accent to the package as I forgot I had that on the fairing. It will come with this deal.
so on a side note, how do you like that seat compared to stock? does it move you forward alot?
I had gotten rid of that seat almost as fast as I got it. I am one of the few that hate it. It shoved my inner thighs in to the tank and kinda hurt my arse. There are a couple of reviews on the site here about it. I tried a search but it doesn't seem to work very well and I gave up, but I know they are here somewhere. :tsk:
1 - 7 of 10 Posts
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