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Metric speedo on new HD???

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What's up with the metric speedometer on Harley Davidson VRod/ NightRod???? http://images.search.yahoo.com I bet that really screws with them guys that buy HD because they think it's all American.lol.
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try searching for 2011HD VRod then scan the pics till you come to the one with the speedo if I see it right it has only Kilometers on it.
Toby said:
Go to show more images then scroll though until you see the image of the speedo on the Night Rod.
here is the pic of the speedometer on the 2007 Harley Davidson VRSC Night Rod.
StrykenShane said:
Don't they sell those overseas too?
Ya I'm thinking that's why the KMH instead of MPH??? But in any case that's funny. It also draws more questions though. like the seedo say 240kmp that converts to 150mph and the tach says up to 10,000rpm and red-lines at 9k? If that's the same V Twin 1250cc Harley motor that is in the V Rod does it get that much rpm and top speed?????
I guess the Night Rod/ V Rod is the HD version of the V Max but the V Max is V4.
I found the specs on the V Rod line and that picture of the speedo is just misleading. Its a 76 cu in v twin with 11.5 -1 compression ratio and max 7000 rpm.
1 - 8 of 14 Posts
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