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Might as well post mine

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I bought my Stryker June 16th. I rode the Next day about 300 miles and came home and ordered the Mustang Seat And rear sissy bar and Pad.

I have been slowly painting some of the chrome, its just rattle can semi gloss black. I filled in the lower Yamaha chromed cover and painted it and removed all the stickers.
I made the License plate bracket and bought a lit Cover from Chrome glow and wired it up.

I went to the dealer and got the exhaust. They had it in stock. I ordered the Cobra tuner and it should be here Tuesday.

I still would like to get some mirrors and I am making a surround for the gas cap, It will also be black.

So what do you think? Any questions or suggestions.
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Very nice does that confty looking seat make you sit any more forward ?
Once you do the mirrows it will look complete then.
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