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Might as well post mine

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I bought my Stryker June 16th. I rode the Next day about 300 miles and came home and ordered the Mustang Seat And rear sissy bar and Pad.

I have been slowly painting some of the chrome, its just rattle can semi gloss black. I filled in the lower Yamaha chromed cover and painted it and removed all the stickers.
I made the License plate bracket and bought a lit Cover from Chrome glow and wired it up.

I went to the dealer and got the exhaust. They had it in stock. I ordered the Cobra tuner and it should be here Tuesday.

I still would like to get some mirrors and I am making a surround for the gas cap, It will also be black.

So what do you think? Any questions or suggestions.
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I'd love to do this but isn't it gonna interfer with adding saddle bags later for road trips? I won't have the bags mounted all the time but when I do wanna mount them I wouldn't wanna have to take off the rear wheel to remove the bracket?
Really like your mod's. Just bought my Stryker a few weeks ago and looking at a solo seat... so, you recommend the Mustang? Did you look at others? I've looked at the OEM solo, and like the chrome rack option... but I've heard the Mustang seat is the bomb. So, my delima is give up the potential for the chrome rack if I get the Mustang, or get the OEM seat in case I want to add the chrome rack later. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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