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Mod vs Warranty

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What impact does doing modifications have on the warranty? Seems like modifications would give Yamaha the ability to refuse to cover a repair. For example, if I change the tail light can Yamaha refuse to cover other electrical components not directly related to the tail light?
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Depends on what your mod is. If you drill holes in your exhaust, you can kiss any warranty on the exhaust away. If you change your headlight and something happens to the lighting then it would be under warranty if a dealer did it. If you did it it may still be under warranty, but they could refuse. I know some will post back that a dealer doesn't have to do the work, but the company can claim unless your qualified then something you did may have caused the problem. Reverse wiring etc. But on my last bike I had a 3 year warranty and never used it once. The bikes today really are trouble free.

The most important thing is to have a really good relationship with your dealer. They are the ones who will be doing the warranty and they get paid by Yamaha. So they won't care about doing the work under warranty and claiming its factory problem if they like you. :)
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Roger said:
Stryker said:
If they ever tried saying that it won't be under warranty just say Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act that will shut them up real quick. As said they have to be able to prove that it caused the problem like putting on a fuel programmer then it shorted out and fried your ECU.
AAAAHH i knew their was a name for it but could not think of it at the time.
You have to be careful with believing this act is going to cover your ass. First if you read the act in its entirety and not just snip its that people want to highlight ( normally highlight what they want to see) You see that its not that black and white. The company doesn't have to prove in its entirety that the mod caused the damage. Also and here's the big one, even if they the company loses the case, it only covers the part. That right the labor is going to be the owner cost. And we all know its the labor that's going to kill you. Lastly to any Canucks, its only in America this act would apply.
Thank You Yosemite. You proved my point. Always be nice to your dealer. ;D
When someone becomes a dealer whether its cars or bikes or what ever, they are told that they must service all vehicles of that brand regardless of where it is bought. But dealers get around this by saying sure, and then given you a ****ty time or weeks or even a month away. This way they piss you off and you take your vehicle elsewhere, but they now can tell the manufacturer that they are providing service to you, if you make a compliant. Not cool, but it is exceptable. :mad:
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