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Mod vs Warranty

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What impact does doing modifications have on the warranty? Seems like modifications would give Yamaha the ability to refuse to cover a repair. For example, if I change the tail light can Yamaha refuse to cover other electrical components not directly related to the tail light?
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I was a service adviser at a nissan dealer. I could get a warranty claim denied if you looked at me wrong if I felt like it. You could give me all the maintenance records you wanted and it didn't matter. One call to the rep and say something is fishy... denied... Not saying i did it much but one guy tried to drag me out back to try and kick my ass... besides my tech grabbing a big ass crow bar. he no longer has a warranty on his car at any nissan dealership. I could also get your car or truck repaired when your out of warranty if I felt like it. I repaired cars under warranty that were sunk in water and the engine was full of water just because the people were cool with me and didnt give me crap. If a person made my job hard it was even harder on them. So word of advice be cool with the dealership and you will get taken care of most of the time. If your not being taken care of. dont ***** or complain. just go to a different dealership and be NICE to them.
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chubbleyum said:
my local dealer wont do any warranty work on my bike since i bought it from another dealer. I gave them the chance to sell me one if they could get within 500$ of the other shop and when they couldn't, they got pissed at me. now they give me a hard time every time i go in there. 19$ to adjust my headlight. ha. thanks to this forum i did it myself and made sure they knew it.
I would call yamaha customer service on this dealer. It is wrong and im sure against yamaha corp policy to deny legit warranty work. A company as big as yamaha doesn't want a dealer not doing warranty work because you didnt buy a bike there.
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