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Mod vs Warranty

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What impact does doing modifications have on the warranty? Seems like modifications would give Yamaha the ability to refuse to cover a repair. For example, if I change the tail light can Yamaha refuse to cover other electrical components not directly related to the tail light?
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The short answer is no. If you do a modification and they say it's because of your mods then they must prove that with facts they can not just say it. If your bike is backfiring it's not because you put your license plate on the side of your bike?
Stryker said:
If they ever tried saying that it won't be under warranty just say Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act that will shut them up real quick. As said they have to be able to prove that it caused the problem like putting on a fuel programmer then it shorted out and fried your ECU.
AAAAHH i knew their was a name for it but could not think of it at the time.
richard3 said:
Called my dealer after reading this post, they said drilling holes voids the warrenty, and can cause loss of power, most guys say there is no power loss, I would just go with new pipes, plus if you look at some of these pics with the cobras on them, they look awesome.
I know i am thinking about this for awhile i love the swepts how much louder are they compared to stock? Hmmmmm black or chrome with the black i guess you don't have to worry about blueing?
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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