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Mod vs Warranty

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What impact does doing modifications have on the warranty? Seems like modifications would give Yamaha the ability to refuse to cover a repair. For example, if I change the tail light can Yamaha refuse to cover other electrical components not directly related to the tail light?
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I was told that I could take the bike to any Yamaha dealer for warranty work. Page #10-7 of the owner manual confirms it.
When someone becomes a dealer whether its cars or bikes or what ever, they are told that they must service all vehicles of that brand regardless of where it is bought. But dealers get around this by saying sure, and then given you a ****ty time or weeks or even a month away. This way they piss you off and you take your vehicle elsewhere, but they now can tell the manufacturer that they are providing service to you, if you make a compliant. Not cool, but it is exceptable. :mad:
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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