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More info on car tires .

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Yes still digging up info on the dark side. This guy claims 30,000 miles and still going on a $70 tire I think it was. What do you guys think?
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kraaazymike said:
I just don't personally like the look of car tires on a motorcycle.

Toby ... do what you need to do. I don't believe there is any definitive information either way on whether car tires are safe. For $70, give it a shot. If you ride on it and don't like or doesn't measure up to your expectations, you are only out $70
Toby said:
That's what I'm talking about. Don't think i could go wrong with a $70 experiment. If it lasted only twice the miles I would still come out ahead. ;D I know these bikes are all about looks for most but I want to ride. I'm willing to give up a little in the looks to be able to afford 2 or 3 trips in the riding season rather than just on. See you guys in Carson 8)
You bet ... starting to get excited!!
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