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Motorcycle Detailing

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Since I am new here, I felt I need to share something in return for all the great information here...

I am a big detailing nut, and my detailing OCD is carrying over to my new Stryker. I have been doing some searching, and it seems that the site does not contain information regarding motorcycle detailing.

So, I thought I would share a couple links with you. (I am not representing the site, or do I get paid)...

Autopia Guide to Detailing - A great guide to detailing your car, motorcycle, refrigerator, whatever

Autopia Motorcycle Detailing Forum - Detailing information specific to motorcycles and other non-auto gadgets...

Hope you enjoy...

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My motorcycle detailing guide is written on the inside of the miller lite boxes. You have to empty out the box to see what is great job detailing your stryker can be. :nod:
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