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Motorcycle Turntable

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OK.. it is still in design stage but fully functional.... My "Batcave" turntable!!!

100" end to end, 38" wide, weight approx 50lbs
2x2x 3/16" angle steel, homedepot "carosel bearing ($4.99)
4ea. 1.5"swivel wheels for side stability
it has treated 3/4" plywood for the deck... will soon be diamond plate (wood is a cheap alternative for early mistakes)

When complete it will be herculined.

total cost (without diamond plate) so far is $89.00 and 2 man hours (not including the new welder my wife bought me since my old crapped out :))


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UrbanRage said:
That's gonna be cool. I guess you could use it to save some room in the garage?

Glad to see you are still around, haven't seen you in while.
I have been in and out.... pretty busy at work....
it doesn't really save any room per say... but now I don't have to do a 12 point turn to get out of the garage.... pull in.... spin it around... pull out. I will have a video soon... it will spin with using 1 hand! Works great. Its also light enough that I can lift it up and lean it againt the wall if I need the floor space. Put my buddies HD Road King fully bagged out on it and it still worked perfectly.
Video of it in motion....

Thanks... diamond plate deck is going on this weekend...
Yosemite said:
I tried it... did not work with the STRYKER... kickstand will not line up.. rear tire rides high on the sides.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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