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mph question

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ok so this summer i never really got a good long ride in so i dont have a take on the mileage per gallon. This coming summer i'm taking a good long trip, and i would love to map out my gas station stops. i have two good stretches where we do not see a town for at least 50 miles apart. does or has anyone know exactly how manny miles i can take to a gallon on a warm bike?

it would be nice to see where to fill up and plan. thanks guys.
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first off.. ooops. guess my subject line should have been mpg.

second, thanks Dan. i appreciate that.
thing is i have the cobra sweeps. no tuner yet. didnt know if that would affect the gallons per mile much. i'm sure it cant be that much off of your take danny.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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