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mph question

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ok so this summer i never really got a good long ride in so i dont have a take on the mileage per gallon. This coming summer i'm taking a good long trip, and i would love to map out my gas station stops. i have two good stretches where we do not see a town for at least 50 miles apart. does or has anyone know exactly how manny miles i can take to a gallon on a warm bike?

it would be nice to see where to fill up and plan. thanks guys.
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I have no mods other than drilled baffles. I have gotten near 50 mpg /200 miles before fill up but let me stress that this was extremely careful riding almost at idle keeping it in 4tth and 5th gear as much as possible and costing a lot on down hill stretches. I did this for the purpose of testing maximum mileage. When I filled up it took 4 gal. The tank holds 4.1 gal including the reserve tank. I then did a test by riding it hard and fast racing in lower gears and up mountain roads. It took 3.96 gal at 100 miles /25.25 mpg. So there you have it. Use RoadKills rule of thumb and you should be fine.
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