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I took forever for me to get this on here, but this is what I have done so far and there will be more to come throughout the winter.
Tail Light and License plate

Mirrors and Grips

If you look closely you can see a 12V adapter


Garage Door Switch, which i put in the wrong spot and now i burn my hand

L&M parts

Full View

So far and more to come, including powder coating this winter
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Looking real good. What do you have going on with the rear blinkers?
mrlazi said:
Bozz- I have the flush mounted Led's. I was thinking about getting the LED strip for the back but i kinda like that the stock light is real visible.
Do you have a web link to those flush mount LED's? Would love to see some video of them from behind and blinking to see what the cars behind you would see. They look pretty sweet.
mrlazi said:
I'll try and take a video this weekend once the rain stops, and i'll post it up.
Any links to where you purchased them?
mrlazi said:
I bought them from a local motorcycle place, the site is motorcyclemall.com. Not sure where they are on the website. But if you like the way they look and what a set, i'm sure i can help you out.
Thanks MrLazi, I will see what they look like when you get a chance to put up a video. It's raining here again also, so so tired of this rain... :'(
I love them. If you decide to go with them, Look into the drugz circuit to go with them instead of the dual element. It will burn them at full power as running and then blink them on and off for turns.

Here is a one from Chrome Glow that has a built in tie wrap,


And here is a little crappy video of my wraps using the Drugz Circuit

Yea, they light up very well during the day and cant be missed at night. They stream line the front of the bike nicely. No worries about other cars seeing them blinking.
mrlazi said:
Boz- did you get the positive drugz circuit or the standard. And when you got the signal lights, did you add on the running lights circuit?
I got the standards which make the front and back blink opposite of each other.
mrlazi said:
I was going to get these other signals that were fork clamps but you had to take apart the bike to slip the fork clamps on, or at least that is what it looked like you needed to do. But i think these will work just fine. thanks
They also cost about $200 where these will be under $100.
mrlazi said:
how sturdy are the zip ties? are they plastic or metal?
That i dont know, I purchased mine before those came out and I used zip ties on the outside to hold them while they cooled from the heating and bending and the extra glue i used. They come with 3m tape which will hold perfectly, the ends tend to be a little issue and started comming up. The zip tie will stop that and hold them the way you want them. I dont think you will have any issues with those. If i had to do it again, I would def get those with the built in zip tie. This is a case where they have improved the product with those zip ties. Don't think you can go wrong with that.
mrlazi said:
yes sir. i am in clifton, you?
I am not too far from you mrlazi, I live right over the bridge in PA. We will have to get all local Strykers together next spring.
1 - 10 of 38 Posts
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