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My Cell Buckle Review

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I received “The Cell Buckle” from Low and Mean last week. Chris allowed me to be one of the participant’s to try the device and give a review of this product. I’m not much of a cell phone user when riding my bike, but ever since I bought the Stryker, I have missed the use of a GPS. Call me cheap, but I never wanted to dish out the amount of money GPS units want for these brackets to hold to your bike. Even not given the opportunity to try the Cell Buckle, $20 seemed to be a reasonable amount. First thing is, as they say on the Low and Mean website, it took seconds to install. The Cell Buckle was the easiest unit ever to install, not only to the bike, but the GPS to the unit.

Let me start with the only negative I found and this was not the fault of the Cell Buckle, but the design of the Stryker. There is only one area the unit will fit. The left side of the handle bars and even on that side you had to position the unit in such away as not to hit the gas take when you turn. The solution however for me was to put the Cell Buckle upside down. Doing that solved the problem and I was on my way. Now logging over 600 miles with the GPS attached to the unit I can say that this device ROCKS. I was a little nervous at first on whether my GPS would come flying off. Even ridding with no windshield and having the wind pounding the crap out of my GPS, it didn’t move from the position I placed it in. After the ride I could remove the GPS from the Cell Buckle and carry it with me till I returned to the bike again.The Cell Buckle works like a vice and it opens and closes on to your GPS or cell phone one level at a time. Just for the sake of this review I tried another GPS and my cell phone and they all fit without any problems. The device looks good, is light and feels strong in the hand and is easy to use. The price range is great. I would recommend the Cell Buckle to anyone who wants to carry their electronic device with them.

So Chris thanks for letting me give the Cell Buckle a test drive and thanks to Low and Mean for continuing to provide us with products for our Stryker’s.

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Missing my GPS for the trips where you just ride and sometimes get lost. (OLDTIMERS). It does seem to be very versatile and thats good.
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