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My Lattest Video

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Here is a short not so good video , my lattest mods are foot pegs , brake & shifter and grips with end weights surprised how much difference thoose make , I have left the front loli pop turn signals on and not blacked out the headlight or taillight for better visiablity, but do plan on changing the headlight.
Ooh and the taillight mod very happy with that and my licenese plate now the cops can see it and its not in the way any more.
I did get rid of the popping or backfiring by installing a carbon fiber gasket on top of the factory one on the headers. so 95% of that was a exaust leak ,but if you decell hard enought it can still do it once and a while.
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Cool vid Clar. I just got my v&h pipes installed and love the sound. I get a little popping on decel so Im gonna have to try the carbon gaskets.

I'm going to be adding the cobra intake soon. What kind of tuner/ecu did u put on yours?

Also got the M-1 light, and I'm gonna put two led strips to either side for added turn signals. I had a ***** of a time getting the cover off the M1 light. Gonna wait to do the mod until weather wont let me ride anymore. I'm gonna mount the light like you did except fab a bracket for the license plate to go under it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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