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My new intake is here!

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Just came home to find my new intake waiting for me on the step. Can't wait to have it installed on my bike. Just need to save up and snag an auto tuner and then ill be up and running:) thought I would post a pic to show it off. Ill be using the l&m intake adapter with it so fingers crossed everything will work nice with my stryker. Ill post updated pics once its all on there.

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Isn't it nice getting presents in the mail! Sometimes I wonder which I like more, waiting/getting parts, or actually having them on my bike :)

I would suggest putting it on without waiting to save for the auto-tuner, you may not need it, then you can enjoy your new toy right away! ....and if it really runs that bad, put the stock one back on, and THEN save for the tuner.
Try it!!!! :tongue: What's the worse thing you'll have to do???? Put the old one back on? It may run just fine....

I wish I did before I spent the $500 +. Not complaining, bike runs great, but I didn't even give it a chance. I did like you. Waited until I got it all, then put it all on at once. Luckily I had lots of money at the time :) If I had to wait now to justify saving money for the autotuner, I'd spend the whole summer not enjoying my new intake :(
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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