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My oil problem

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So I had around 2000 miles on the bike and decided to swich to full synthetic. The only motorcycle oil (4t) I saw at the time was
20w-50. So I bought that at 10.50 per quart. changed the oil and filter, started up the bike and it ran like crap. Its was knocking and pinging like crazy. I let it idle for a few minutes and it got a little better so I took it out for a few miles. It knocked the whole time. It did settle down after 30 or so miles but every time I let it cool it knocked again every time I started it back up. Long story short I went back and got some regular 10w-40 4t oil, changed it again and it ran like a dream. I think maybe the engine wasnt broke in enough for the full synthetic oil. or maybe 20w-50 was just to heavy of an oil. Either way I'm gonna stick with regular stuff for now.
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The oil shouldnt have caused that. Theres cars that come with synthetic from the factory. I agree with the waiting till the second oil change to switch. But id have to think that maybe you had a faulty oil filter. Or something else going on.
qwen3579 said:
I went an unconventional route. I did a hard break-in (read about how and why here: http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm) I did my first oil change at 53 miles after the hard break-in. I used regular 10w-30 Penzoil and a PH7317 Fram oil filter. That got a lot of the metal flakes out of the engine. Than at 650 miles, I went with 15w-50 Mobile 1 Full Synthetic and replaced the filter.

It's been running like a dream and I'm at 900 miles so far.

BTW - I live in southern Texas where we hit 100 easily these days. That's why I went with the 15w-50.
+1 my engine builder that builds my car engines and also my other engine builder that built kart motors for my little brother. They both always said break it in like you stole it just let it warm up first. Ive always done that and Ive never had an engine problem. Leaving the dealer with the bike was a full throttle pull till third and I havent been easy on it since. I have 780 miles now changed the oil at 698 and its running like a champ.
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