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so my bro-in-law is a Harley rider. He's got a nice ride, all white.. decked out.. with saddle bags, shield, custom pipes (what the stock not loud enough?), pegs, well you name it. its all white in contrast to my black beauty. so after finally gettin it out of the shop for the last 6 months he comes by. we are sitting there talking about bikes. well he says.. hey take a ride on a real bike, and i say nah not now(just cuz i dont really care to ride any other way.. i like what i ride and i'm used to it). so I tell him.. hey.. go ahead and ride mine. ok.. so the first intimidating sign comes out with a .. wait for it and i'll tell you why ( he's been riding for 10 yrs to my what 6 months?) and he says "yours looks so quick on a turn with the raked fork and all". i'm like seriously bro.. I ride it. i guess that just put the cajones in him and he got on it and took off. comes back after like 30 mins.. and he's like.. Nice bike. and i say really? he straight out said really. and before i knew it i was doing 90 and having to just slow down. ok to keep the story short.. in the end.. he just finally says.. right before he leaves.. "kinda wish i was riding your bike home". brought a smile to my face after 6 months of him giving me HD grief. LOVED IT!
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