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Few apgrades after market air breather,fuel commander,cobra 4" slip on muffler,turn signals are all led,quick release windshield. I do have a question I'm running a
210/40/18 Metzler marathon ultra in the rear. I ride it like I stole it. Has anyone kinda figured out the mileage on this tire. I do more cornering then straight stretches. I hit corners like a 35mph I'm taking it 70 plus.
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I got less than 7000 out of mine , but some have gotten 12-14k out of it. It mostly depends on driving habits, I’m hard on tires I get 8-9 k max out of my 240 Avon’s- if I’m lucky I get to ride 8k miles a year here in northeast. So usually a rear tire every year. And front every two years. Is what has been normal for me.
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