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While my bike has been out of service due to the stock tire wearing right down the belts I decided I'd get to work on cleaning up the rear end a little bit. One of the big things I wanted to do was tint the stock taillight as I'm not a big fan of the clear lens.

So to start I pulled the plastic fender from the bike and cut a chunk off.

Here is another shot showing what I cut off as well.

After that I went ahead and pulled the metal backing from the plastic fender and trimmed it up, drilled two new holes for the plate bracket, sandblasted, and painted with some black Rustoleum. I also trimmed the plate bracket to cut off the reflector portions and reshape it a bit.

While I was trimming that up I also yanked the reflectors off the front of the bike and trimmed the left side so that I could continue to use it for it's purpose of holding the brake line.

Once I had all that done I finished up by tackling the rear taillight. My first attempt at cracking it open... wasn't too successful. I ended up melting the plastic lens and backing. While I had it apart I went ahead and did some preliminary testing on methods to black out the internals to see what worked best. Not long after, thanks to a forum member here, I got a replacement taillight and went at it again, this time with a Dremel, to crack it open. The second attempt worked and I quickly blacked it out, reassembled it, and reassembled the newly modded fender.

After it was all said and done I like the way it turned out and being a free mod (if you happen to have all of the tools and supplies) you can't beat it. I think it definitely made an impact on how the bike looks overall.

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