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My transformation of my 2012 stryker

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Hey guys been awhile since i have been in here been busy with my bike. So if I can navigate this I
will post some pics.
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Beautiful bike! Love the color and all the additions, SScustomcycle had some sway in the way the end results look as well as L&M on the chin scoop. Everything on that bike screams "Look at ME" and for all the right reasons.
Thank you my friend it was a labor of love.
Thank you my friend it was a labor of love. And yes SSCustom had a lot to do with the end result. Shane Scalpi great guy to do business with.
I agree, Shane is a great guy. I worked a lot with Shane when I was changing my bike up. I had spoke on the phone with him a few times and shared some ideas and was happy to support his business. All of the parts he made for our bikes are worth the money. He's done a lot of R&D for the products he's got, especially the bike specific parts.
Absolutely any business I have I send to him you know he is moving to NC a few hour from me a good bike ride to visit him.
Awesome build ,, I've got know more about the front of your bike
What would you like to know about that fro t end my friend I will share all I know.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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