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I know this section isn't suppose to involve Strykers, but I did have a near miss last night on mine.

So I was going through the town of Troy between 7:30-8:00 and stop to turn on to interstate 55. I love rode construction as much as a swab test for an STD and the whole on ramp was litered with caution signs, road cones, the whole nine yards. Driving down the ramp the lane was a tad too narrow for my taste and by the time I got to the bottom the merging lane was blocked off and there was a yield sign to get on the interstate.

There was no open spots while I was riding up so I had to come to a dead stop which freaked me out. The traffic of course was going a 100 miles an hour and entering 55 would of course required all 1300cc on tap. I suddenly noticed a pair of those special blue headlights on an Accord coming up rather fast and then that horrible tire squealing tires being overwhelmed by the ABS system. I gunned my bike and pulled out of harms way and while doing this I can see the smoke out of the corner of my eyes as I advanced forward. IF I'M LYING I'M DYING.

Finally a spot opened up and I jumped on the interstate while my Stryker was singing that high reving stock exhaust sound. I went back to the speed limit and started to slow to 60 while those blue eyes were going past me. I got behind the guy, hit the high beams, and thinking of the damage a pair of reinforced knuckles would do against some idiots face. He switched lanes toward the shoulder and put on the turn signal and started to slow down. Then he kills the signal and goes back to highway speed and takes off. Now I know that bike could out that car any day of the week, but it really wasn't worth getting a ticket by a State Boy and telling him a story he wouldn't believe.

Anyone that rides bike has had their fair share of people running stop signs, not signaling, and my personal favorite coming to a dead stop before making a turn with no traffic around. But this thing really did scare the **** out of me. I was wearing my helmet and riding jacket and even had my brake light on and this a-hole still didn't care enough to pay attention. I don't think I escaped death by any means, but having 2 tons of Accord up my a$$ wouldn't have been something I could of walked away from.

Why do people really have to be so stupid and careless to others around them? Especially motorcyclist? Just my 2 cents.

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yep, a guy got killed by West GA College this past Saturday when a dumb drunk pulled in front of him, witnesses said he never had a chance. The girl will probably get maybe 7 years for DUI and vehicular homecide and be back on the streets in 2 while his family will never have their son again. He was only 22.
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