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Need advice/ideas for sissy bar luggage rack.

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The wife and I are headed to bossier city in two weeks and I need a luggage rack to hold our bag. I don't want to spend 120 bucks for a rack! Any ideas were I can find a cheap one, or better yet...a way to make one. I don't care if it's fuggly. Thanks for your suggestions.
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11Stryker said:
Save the bike and make the wife wear a large backpack. LOL Seriously man, you got a tricked out Stryker and don't want to spend another 120 for something stylish that fits it?
Chances are I will only use it once or twice a year. I'd much rather spend the 120 on something else.
J&K said:
I've been debating for awhile on the same issue. There is a thread I started that has a lot of response on backpack ideas:


Just today we stopped at a local bike dealer. It looks like you can get a lot bigger bag that goes over a sissy bar, but I don't have a sissy bar either. I may look into a quick release sissy bar and a large travel bag. But like you, right now it is only something that we may use a few times a year.
I just picked up a 8000 cubic inch bag from Cabela's that I plan to use for Sturgis trip. It will sit on the passenger seat and be strapped to the sissy, but that's not an option riding two up.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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