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Need some helmet advice

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So this is for all the guys and gals that, like me, prefer to rock a full face bucket. The helmet I currently have (cheap fulmer) seems like it has a ton of wind roar. Very noisy. What helmets do you all wear or have used that may cut down on that? Also thinking of adding a bluetooth unit with the new helmet purchase.
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Take a look at the AGV Horizon. I currently ride with this helmet. Has a drop down Sun visor, light and comfortable, built in place for Bluetooth speakers and Mic wiring. The airflow is absolutely awesome, and it looks great. Revzilla has a good video about it. Cost about 360 for it. Of all the helmets I have used this is my second favorite, but feature wise it's my favorite. My favorite helmet was a Suomy but that was for sentimental reasons.
Thanks Jay, I'll check it out. Price really isn't a concern (within reason). Just want to hear from people who have used some different helmets.
Np. For what you sound like you want it for this would likely be a good helmet for you. I like not having to carry and extra face shield for night/day. Probably has the best airflow of any helmet I've used. My prior helmets include Arai, Suomy, Scorpion, and AGV. Arai was too round and short in the nose to be comfortable for me so Suomy Scorpion and AGV fit my head better.

I like the channeling built into my Horizon for BT, it's a nice feature and the drop down sun visor is just awesome.
You guys seem to really loke the scorpion. I'll have to check it out. I really like the area to insert a mic and the speaker pockets on thw avg horizon though. Decisions decisions. Please keep the comments coming. I'll probably order a new bucket this weekend. I like the exchangeability of revzilla. Never ordered a helmet though. Always bought local in the past.
I used to do the same, but all the local dealers in the past two states I've lived in all such lower grade helmets. I asked why and they said it's because the majority of those who walk in typically buy the cheapest lid they can find, making it hard for them to move the more expensive ones. I liked my scorpion helmets, I had two of the EXO-700 lids, they were a bit heavier than some of the other brands and on my last one the quick release mechanism failed when I was carving some mountain roads. Scorpion did send me the replacement parts for free, so kudos to then for that. Overall I would say the AGV I'd my favorite and I well likely buy their brand again once the Horizon needs replacing. The fabric of the AGV is much nicer than the scorpions I had, that's another thing I noticed. Airflow is far superior. I still have my blue exo-700.. I can pull it out of the closet and do a comparison if you'd like.
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I appreciate it jay but that's not necessary. I guess I should find a brick and mortar establishment to go try these on.
You'll have an easier time finding the Scorpion lids on dealer shelves unless you live near a really big dealer. I usually don't see AGV on shelves (it's a more popular brand in Europe, used a lot by motogp racers etc) Good luck with your search!
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