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Need some helmet advice

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So this is for all the guys and gals that, like me, prefer to rock a full face bucket. The helmet I currently have (cheap fulmer) seems like it has a ton of wind roar. Very noisy. What helmets do you all wear or have used that may cut down on that? Also thinking of adding a bluetooth unit with the new helmet purchase.
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Wind noise w/half helmet. More exhaust noise w/full helmet.
Hey 11, never actually rode with a half helmet but most full faced one that I've used have quite a bit of roaring from the wind. Looking for one that is quieter.
Wife and I have the Fulmer full face helmets and no wind noise, but my 13" Rifle keeps just enough a way I think. But my exhaust noise is much worse on us both with the full face over the wind noise of the half helmet.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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