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Ness Deep Cuts Passenger Pegs

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So the problem with these pegs is that they rattle when up because the adapters are a liiiiiiiitle off-size, leaving a space between the bracket and the edge of the peg. (see pic) The stock pegs are rubber, and they expand enough to put pressure on the bracket when up, keeping them from rattling and giving them a nice "snap" when you push them into the "down" position. So here's how to solve it (for anyone else having this issue): I've posted pics on my Images page...

The Ness adapters have a 1/4" hole in the adapter (not sure why, but they do). So, I got a pair of compression springs from the local Ace Hardware, along with a couple 1/4" steel bearings. Then, using a dremel with a round bit, ground a couple dimples in the brackets (see pic). Then, install the adapters/pegs by compressing the spring with the ball bearing on top of it. Be careful with this bit - I put a NICE little dent in the ceiling over my kitchen table that I hope my wife never sees when I let go of the adapter before it was completely into the bracket....it acts like a spring-loaded pellet gun. ;) Once in, though, it clicks into place when in the "up" position, keeping the peg securely in place. I imagine you could do this with any third-party pegs; you'd just have to drill a 1/4" hole in the adapter similar to the one in the Ness adapters. Now, no more rattling!


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